Carlos Instant Beginner’s Whey Protein, Faster Muscle Recovery & Improved Strength ( 1 kg / 2.2LBS, 33 Servings)

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  • REFRESHING FLAVOURS: Fulfil your protein intake with Carlos Instant Beginner’s Whey Protein for muscle growth and post-workout recovery in delicious chocolate Fudge, Caffe Mocha, Irish Cream, Litchi, Mango, and Strawberry flavours.

  • 40% PROTEIN: Get 40% of protein, i.e., 12 g per 30 g serving. 5.5 g EAAs along with 2.65 g BCAAs help keep the body in an anabolic state to improve muscle gains, hormone production, and strength.

  • 3RD PARTY NABL CERTIFIED & AUTHENTICITY CHECK: Sourced from USA & Europe, the product follows a 3rd party NABL certified protein test to ensure the purity of Whey Protein Concentrate. The protein certificates for each batch and the authenticity of the product can be verified by the consumer on the brand website of

  • NO ADDED JUNK: This whey protein for beginners contains no added sugar or trans fat. It is free from any banned substance or doping ingredients as per NADA/WADA list. Whey Protein Concentrate is the primary source of protein in the product.

Caffe Mocha


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