Wild Buck CGT Recovery – Creatine, Glutamine & Taurine | Lean Muscle Mass [Pink Lemonade, 260g]

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  • Wild Buck CGT Recovery is a blend of creatine 3g, glutamine 2g, and taurine 1g.
  • Wild Buck CGT Recovery supports muscle gain and endurance.
  • Supplementing with creatine can boost muscle size, strength, and endurance, improve athletic performance, and speed muscle recovery.
  • Anyone involved in high-intensity training/workout/exercise/sport designed for hypertrophy may find glutamine a beneficial supplement. Glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid that the body is able to produce in a small amount, however, the majority of it must come from the diet. It’s required for hypertrophy and also plays an important role in repairing damaged tissue.
  • Taurine acts as a muscle booster by helping retain water in muscle cells hence volumizing the muscles. Taurine also helps increase the ability to lift heavier weights.
  • CGT Recovery is crafted with the utmost dedication to quality. Every ingredient is sourced from trusted suppliers and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure purity, safety, and potency.
  • The intelligent fusion of Creatine, Glutamine, and Taurine offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing your athletic performance. Backed by science, this blend is designed to provide you with holistic benefits for both pre and post-workout routines.
  • Join the league of satisfied athletes who have made CGT Recovery an essential part of their fitness journey. Experience the difference for yourself and unlock your hidden potential.


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