MB Muscle Builder’s Crea-Gen TRI-Creatine Matrix Supplement Promotes Recovery, Strength, and gains lean muscle mass | Fuels Muscles [40 Servings, 260gm]

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About this item

  • FUELS MUSCLES: MB Muscle Builder’s Crea-Gen Creatine Matrix converts to Creatine Phosphate in the body to fuel muscles, which helps expand your exercise capacity.
  • SUPPORTS HEAVY WORKOUT & BOOSTS ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: This creatine supplement triggers instant energy release to keep you vitalized during high-impact workout sessions. This subsequently improves your athletic performance and stamina at a remarkable scale.
  • INCREASES MUSCLE VOLUME: MB Muscle Builder’s Crea-Gen Creatine Matrix helps keep the muscle cells hydrated to add more volume to your muscles, giving them a robust appearance.
  • INSTANTIZED & MICRONIZED: GNC’s creatine powder is micronized and instantized to promote faster absorption in the body, making maximum energy available in no time for your upcoming workout.

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