MB Muscle Builder’s Isotonic Instant Energy Drink Formula, Extended Workout Electrolyte Energy Drink- 1kg [32 Servings]

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About this item

  • MB Muscle Builder’s Isotonic is a revolutionary sports drink for athletes, weight lifters and players
  • Bubbling with refreshing flavours, each serving of MB Muscle Builder’s Isotonic Instant Energy Formula helps to serve 833mg electrolyte that prevents cramps and renews energy
  • The essential electrolytes are lost through sweat and MB Muscle Builder’s Isotonic helps balance the levels of Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and Chloride to keep the cells functioning properly eliminating fatigue
  • With added Dextrose, this energy drink helps maintain blood sugar levels in the body while providing instant energy post or during workout
  • Intense workouts and change in exercise routines may cause severe muscular cramps, Isotonic formula is developed to keep the essential minerals in check to reduce the frequency and impact of cramps

Litchi, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Mojito


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