MB Muscle Builder’s The Wolf Nitro Whey Protein | 30g Protein with BCAA and EAA | Easy Digesting Whey Protein with digestive enzymes (DigeWP) – 22 Servings (2.2 lbs, 1Kg)

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About this item

  • WHEY PROTEIN MADE FOR MAX GAINS: The Wolf Nitro Whey Protein is a premium muscle-building whey protein crafted to support your bodybuilding grind and enhance results by offering you a whopping 30g protein from each Serving.
  •   Every scoop of The Wolf Nitro Whey Protein allows your body to level up to its gaining potential by offering you the ultimate blend of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate
  • A RELIABLE WHEY PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT: Along with keeping amino spikes at bay, this potent whey protein supplement promotes pure nutrition and overall health by keeping maltodextrin and No added sugar. This allows you to keep good health in check
  • BETTER DIGESTION, BIGGER GAINS: The Wolf Nitro Whey Protein helps you get swole not succumb to digestive issues. The added digestive enzymes make sure your body makes the most of a massive 75% protein per scoop
  • A DELICIOUS POST-WORKOUT/WHEY PROTEIN REWARD: Available in a lip-smacking flavours, The Wolf Nitro Whey Protein Max brings the gains and taste together, allowing you to bid goodbye to chalky whey protein powder


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