MB Muscle Builder’s Pure Carbo Ultra premium carbohydrates blend | Mass and Weight Gain | Intra Workout Carb | Maltodextrin | Carb Supplement for Bodybuilding | High Carb – 54 Servings, 2.7kg [Orange]

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About this item

  • MB Muscle Builder’s Pure Carbo is carbohydrates releasing supplement and provides instant energy to balance the blood glucose levels. It’s designed for elite athletes looking for a fast, safe, and high-performance way to quickly and easily load muscles with lasting energy and for faster recovery.
  • DIGESTION – Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that helps supply energy for workouts. It also aids digestion and is a common food additive.
  • SOURCE OF CARBOHYDRATES – The body uses carbohydrates as its main source of energy, especially during exercise. Maltodextrin can be used to replace the carbohydrates lost through sweat during an intense workout or athletic event.
  • INTRA WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT – This maltodextrin powder is made from non-GMO corn starch and can be added to your pre-workout shake or intra workout drink. It’s also great in smoothies!
  • Carbohydrate powder promotes athletic endurance.
  • DEVELOPED FOR ATHLETES: Who push so hard they can’t easily take in enough calories to perform at their best for their hardest workouts.
  • Our carb supplement is made with non-GMO ingredients.


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